portuguese illustrator who roots her work in sustainability, circularity and kindness.

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Take a look at what I do and how we could work together!
Please note: how much a project costs will depend on your business and the deliverables. 
We’ll discuss this on our first call, but  written below are the minimum prices for each project!
Teaching & workshops

Do you have a space or community that would benefit and enjoy an illustration workshop?
Maps, sketchbooking and postcards are up my alley, but we can make anything come true.
I’m the most comfortable with younger age groups, but will adapt the workshop to fit your audience.
Starts at: 20€/hour

Branding & logo design

Maybe you’re a startup just taking of, or a small business in need of a strong, personalized and bold brand. Together, we can weave magic and fun into your brand, creating something that is uniquely yours.
Starts at: 25€/hour

Murals and windows
Don’t you love stepping into a store or a café with a nice wall that reflects their brand?
Or walking through a street mesmerized by the window displays?
Me too!
Starts at: 30€/hour

Personalized artwork

Are you trying to gift a loved one something they can remember for a long time, or a piece that can become part of their living spaces? Commissioned illustrations are the way to go — just give me all the details and I’ll creative a loving and thoughtful custom illustration.
Starts at: 30€

On-brand illustrations

Are you releasing a new product, revamping your social media or working on a new project? On-brand illustrations work around your brand, elevating it and adding a layer of personalization and thoughfulness.
Starts at: 100€

Packaging and labels
Packaging is essential when making a product — and it looks SO cute when it’s illustrated! From wine labels to self care products, I’d love to help you craft the packaging of a product!
Starts at: 120€ per deliverable


While this is still very much a hobby, I love photography — especially event and product photography. If you need a helping hand with photography on your business, let me know!
Starts at: 20€/hour

Other projects

If the service you’re looking for is not listed, don’t worry! Contact me and we can talk about it ︎

︎ frequently asked questions ︎

Q: Do you take on internacional clients?
Yes I do! I’ve worked with clients all over the world and I’m always excited to know new brands and individuals.
Q: How can we start working together?
Contact me and include the details of the project + your estimated budget. We’ll book a call and go from there — I’ll hold your hand the entire time!
Q: When can I expect a reply to my e-mail?
Thank you for contacting me! It usually takes 1 — 3 business days :-). This excludes the week of christmas and new years (23 dec — 3rd jan).
Q: Can we work out a payment plan?
Absolutely! I usually divide projects into 2—3 payments, but we can taylor it to the project and your needs.
Q: Do you accept voluntary/non profit work?
I try to make time to work with 2 voluntary/non-profit organisations a year. Send me an email to grab your spot!
Q: Can I tattoo your work?
Not without permission. Send me an email to buy a tattoo token and a written authorisation to show to your tattoo artist (30€)
Q: I wrote a book. Can you illustrate it?
I’d love to know your book first! We can book a call to work out details. Shoot me an email!
Q: Do you take on nsfw/furry/explicit work?
Simple answer, nope! But if it’s related to sex education, sexual and reproductive health, body positivity, etc, contact me to make sure we’re a good fit. Nsfw for the sake of being nsfw does not fit my scope of work.

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