portuguese illustrator who roots her work in sustainability, circularity and kindness.

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︎Display window for Ror de Livros, 2023

Ror de Livros is a second-hand bookstore in the heart of Aveiro, Portugal. The owner greets you with a warm smile, offers you brilliant insights into authors and books, and always rounds down the total when you buy a few books at a time.

I discovered this store when I was trying to make my reading habits more sustainable — I love reading, browsing, smelling, feeling, and buying books — I didn’t want to give it up!

However, buying them online seemed like a waste of money on taxes, shipping, and CO2 emissions.

Ror de Livros is just around the corner in the heart of a (very walkable) town so it’s the perfect spot!

I think it came out so so great! It was a fascinating and fulfilling project, going out and drawing in public, figuring out the materials, and adapting my process.

I’d love to do a lot more of these. Do you have a window or wall available? Email me!

(full display pictures coming soon)

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