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in charge of: history research,
graphic design,

︎ Re-pagination of a 2019 uni project on the Brasil chair by José Espinho

    José Espinho was a furniture designer who worked for Olaio during the 1970’s. He designed the iconic Brasil chair, among other mid century modern pieces that were very influenil in Portugal, especially in restaurants and hotels.

    In 2019, during the Portuguese Design History course, I and group of 4 people carried out research focused on the Brasil chair and split into 4 sections: history, author, program and technology.
    My role in this project was to focus on the history research, where I immersed myself in books, articles, interviews, video archives and magazines in order to accurately portray what social, economic, political and artistic contexts influenced the designer and the design of the Brasil chair.

    In 2022, using the group research, I took inspiration from the straight and innovative lines of José Espinho's furniture, creating a simple layout that stands out for its elegant typography and images.
    The idea behind this booklet was to use it as a support material for an exhibition, where the people who were visiting could pick this up to get more context during and after their visit!
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