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personal project

in charge of: concept,
creative direction,
graphic design,

︎ algibeira atelier criativo, full branding concept, 2022

    algibeira atelier criativo started out as a flower sketch and a memory of my maternal grandmother, who always had an apron with a big algibeira (pocket).

    It grew into an illustrator file with lose concepts of an atelier and co working space in aveiro where creative people could come together. I saw potential and decided to dive head first into it — but what can you even do about a space that is not real?

I chose to believe that it’s not real, yet.
It hasn’t been created, yet

If I could do anything right now, I’d be making algibeira atelier criativo a real space. But while I can’t do that, I can manifest it and envision it.

algibeira is represented by a flower. Like a flower, creativity needs to be nourished, it needs space and time to grow, it needs a stimulating, rich foundation on which to rely on. My grandmother’s apron pockets always had love to give, a table set for the family to eat, a story to tell, encouraging words to say — and I believe that having a community to lean on does wonders for a creative’s heart.

algibeira talks in a witty tone and communicates in bold colors and shapes. The posters have a big, half flower on the left where the content fits, leaving space for photography to also play a big role.

There are 5 colors to the brand and 5 areas where it operates: cinema, workshops, exhibitions, a coworking space and roundtable discussions.

cinema algibeira is an event that happens 6 times a year, on the 4th sunday of every month — we watch movies that relate in some way to art creation, creativity, the creative process or that are a way into the director’s mind. 
Then, we have a discussion about them — what was the movie about? what was the intention behind the framing of the scene, the colors, the dialogue? 

workshops are a way to engage the community, creative people or not, in creative activities.
To learn new techniques.
To teach a new way to look at the world.

It’s never too late and you’re always creative enough to try!

exhibitions are, naturally, a part of this creative space. How could they not be?

co-working spaces are so important for freelancers and remote/hybrid workers. Offering a space where people can work and separate leisure and focus time was one of the first things I wrote down when brainstorming.

conversas algibeira(algibeira talks) is a way to offer the community a space to share, teach and learn from each other. People can volunteer to lead a discussion panel about a topic they’re passionate about, invite other people to share a skill or a story and learn through the power of community.
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