portuguese illustrator who roots her work in sustainability, circularity and kindness.

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I’m Joana, an illustrator and graphic designer (and occasional photographer) based in Portugal.

Since becoming a freelancer in 2020 I’ve had he opportunity to collaborate with 20+ awesome brands and individuals with on-brand illustrations and designs!

I focus my projects on sustainability, mental health, childhood and life’s little happy moments.
I’ve always wanted to be an author and illustrator. It’s still surreal that I get to draw everyday and make it my profession.

press (this is still surreal, i’m so grateful)

︎︎︎ Gerador.eu
︎︎︎ Público (P3)

exhibitions include:

2022 selected work + colective exhibition @ museu da cidade de aveiro “jovem criador aveiro 2022”, in the illustration category

2021 colective exhibition @ galeria aveiro arte, “A_MOSTRA”

2020 exhibition @ galeria águas furtadas, “what i want for christmas is...”

2020 selected work @ galeria águas furtadas, “what i want for christmas is...” open call

2018 colective exhibition “sejamos francos” @ francisco franco highscool


2023 — Ilustration workshop: draw like children: how to get out of a creative block @ ENED 2023

2023 — Ilustration workshop: your life’s maps

2023 — Map Illustration Workshop — XS DESIGN XPRESS @ university of aveiro

2023 — Being a freelancer in Portugal (talk) — XS DESIGN XPRESS @ university of aveiro

2020 — José Espinho: brasil chair @ research summit
clients include:

Paperlike, Câmara Municipal de Estarreja, Câmara Municipal de Aveiro, Mind the Trash, Cravinho Baby&Kids, Peanuts.pt, Glovo, Luscofia, STICKII & Project Kamp.

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