and because i have nothing to lose, here’s my list of dream clients:

︎︎︎ mind the trash ︎︎
︎︎︎ cravinho baby and kids ︎︎
︎︎︎ sofia rocha e silva ︎︎
︎︎︎ paperlike ︎︎
︎︎︎ project kamp ︎︎
︎︎︎ forall phones
︎︎︎ monlou
︎︎︎ bertrand
︎︎︎ shaeco shop
︎︎︎ hannah witton
︎︎︎ do zero
︎︎︎ procreate
︎︎︎ too good to go
︎︎︎ emma 
︎︎︎ revista dois pontos
︎︎︎ throw and co
︎︎︎ editora cultura
︎︎︎ alfarroba editora
︎︎︎ we blog you
︎︎︎ hahnemulle
︎︎︎ make notes
︎︎︎ you! maybe? shoot me an email!

madeira island
aveiro, portugal

b.september 2000

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︎ illustration services:

︎︎︎ commissions (family, friend or pet portraits)
︎︎︎ podcast covers
︎︎︎ youtube branding (banner, intro and profile picture)
︎︎︎ patterns and illustrations for goodies (clothing, mugs, you name it!)
︎︎︎ illustrated books and/or covers

︎ graphic design services:

︎︎︎ branding
︎︎︎ social media content creation
︎︎︎ editorial design (books, magazines, flyers, posters, infographics)
if you want a service that’s not listed, fear not! send me an email and we’ll work it out. maybe i didn’t list it because i don’t do it often, but it doesn’t mean it’s off the table.
    hello friend!

    i’m joana, or happy grinch as they call me on the internet, an illustrator, designer, multidisciplinary artist, photographer, animator and dreamer.

    i graduated, in 2021, with a bachelor’s degree in design from the department of arts and communication of the university of aveiro.
    i am currently a freelance illustrator + photographer + graphic designer and used to work as a graphic designer for a printing company.

    for details and to know more about awesome projects i was involved in, you can view my resumé here:

︎︎︎ resumé ︎︎︎

    clients include mind the trash, paperlike, cravinho baby and kids, glovo, caus clothing, peach&poppy co., amélia barros, sofia rocha e silva, joana gote, and others

    exhibitions include:

2022 selected work + colective exhibition @ museu da cidade de aveiro “jovem criador aveiro 2022”, in the illustration category

2021 colective exhibition @ galeria aveiro arte, “A_MOSTRA”

2020 exhibition @ galeria águas furtadas, “what i want for christmas is...”

2020 selected work @ galeria águas furtadas, “what i want for christmas is...” open call

2018 colective exhibition “sejamos francos” @ francisco franco highscool

press (this is still surreal, i’m so grateful)

︎︎︎ Público (P3)

︎ ︎

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