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personal project

in charge of: concept,
creative direction,
graphic design,
project management, community management, social media, press reach out
︎ branding da pesquisa participativa de ilustração em portugal (participatory research about illustration in portugal)

    One of the biggest challenges of being a freelancer is pricing.
We don't know how much our work is worth, we are afraid of losing customers and asking too much.
    The questionnaire was made with the spirit of community, transparency and collaboration and mind.
    We know that the data collected will not be perfect or sufficient for an in-depth investigation on the subject, but we hope that it will be the necessary push to negotiate fair compensation and challenge the stereotype of the “hungry artist”.
    Our goal is to help other illustrators find information about fair pricing, according to the market and the community.
    The answers to this questionnaire will be made public, so that they can be viewed whenever necessary!

You can access it here.

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