portuguese illustrator who roots her work in sustainability, circularity and kindness.

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︎ cravinho baby & kids, sweatshirt illustration 2022

    I contacted Cravinho in hopes to collaborate in an illustration for a sweater — they are a dream client and I had been wanting to work on a project where I could create something tangible for children!
    They wanted to make a sweater about diversity with the quote “bonita la gente que es diferente”from a song by jarabe de palo. After a lot of sketches — it had to work on a beige background, with a limited colour pallete and have the quote be the main character — I came up with the idea of illustrating kids in a game-like formation! I remember playing games like these while singing popular songs and it was always a blast 🥳
    However, I have to give all the credits to the little models, they make the sweater look even cuter!

Check it out ︎︎︎ here!

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